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Top 5 Myths About The Music Business

Discover the opportunities available in music promotion, distribution, concert touring, music publishing, music marketing, and artist management. As a result they are often forced to participate in the production of Rap music, or R&B music with Rap production as they try to manufacture or supply product and artists that will enable them to embark upon partnerships and joint ventures with the same record companies that dissolved their black music divisions in the first place.

These figures suggest a corner is being turned as more people choose premium subscription services, but are hugely frustrating given that they could be more positive still were video-streaming platforms to pay fairly for the music they benefit so much from,” said Geoff Taylor, chief executive of the BPI.

I started out as a double major in Animal Ecology and BA in Music, I dropped my music to a minor and now my 2nd semester of college decided I can’t stand the thought of being done with almost all the requirements for a minor after this semester (I’m taking almost all music classes).

Historically, companies started in this manner have been re-absorbed into the major labels (two examples are American singer Frank Sinatra ‘s Reprise Records , which has been owned by Warner Music Group for some time now, and musician Herb Alpert ‘s A&M Records , now owned by Universal Music Group).

In the first year you will build on your previous knowledge and skills in a range of modules including a choice from historical overviews of the development of Western music, fundamentals of music harmony and counterpoint, musicological studies and performance music