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The History Of Drums

Drums belong to the percussion family of instruments and have been around for as long as people can remember. When the drummer hits the electronic drum with the stick, the sound is processed electronically, which generates the sound. Start with the floor toms or tom and tune them low but higher than the bass drum. Given that we’ve made a real effort to isolate and enhance each of the individual drums in the kit, overhead mics serve the dual purpose of capturing the cymbals and integrating the blended sound of the kit back into the sound of the drums.

From left: traps case , floor tom case, snare drum case (in front), twin hanging toms case, cymbal case. Sweetwater employees aren’t just experts in drums – we know our production equipment as well. Keep in mind that the bass drum has the lowest pitch and the snare drum usually has the highest.

When you are ready to proceed, click the button at the bottom right to save your kit and contact a retailer. By way of explanation, a short stand holding essentially the woofer of a speaker is placed in front of the kick drum and picks up predominantly the low frequencies.

Major touring bands on tour will often have a drum tech who knows how to set up the drummer’s hardware and instruments in the desired location and layout. Kumu drums have gained more and more visibility in the US as well – we have attended the Hollywood Drum Show once and the NAMM Show twice, and the Chicago Drum Show three times, and the feedback from these events has been really flattering.

There are two very strong opinions regarding the use of electronic drums or drum machines. Common sizes available at this time included 13 inch and 14 inch diameter snare drums with 15 inch and 17 inch snare drums a widely used option. Pada tahun 1930-an, Ben Duncan dan lain-lain dipopulerkan efisien kit perangkap yang mengarah ke empat dasar standar sepotong drum: bass, snare, tom-tom, dan lantai tom.