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Additional supplies are available at the Fleischer Archive at the National Library of Israel, partly available on-line, in Hebrew. See additionally her Grove and Encyclopedia Judaica entries. Her writings embody a doctoral dissertation on Cherubini’s Médée, a textbook on track harmonization, and an extensive monograph on the music of Matti Caspi. Her Hebrew autobiography, Fleischer 2018, is very informative.

According to Bruno Nettl, “Western classical music” may also be synonymous with “art music”, “canonic music”, “cultivated music”, “critical music”, in addition to the more flippantly used “actual music” and “regular music”. Musician Catherine Schmidt-Jones defines art music as “a music which requires significantly more work by the listener to completely recognize than is typical of popular music”. In her view, “[t]his can embody the more challenging kinds of jazz and rock music, as well as Classical”.

Reading and writing is the first thing you …