Music Teachers

Our employees drive the success of the college, with the achievement of our students the ultimate goal. I have been reading all the other comments and it seems like this field is very tough to be in…and I don’t really want to go into music education. Like in other forms of business the music industry has been going through tremendous changes in the contemporary society.

Our music director is responsible for teaching all vocal parts and coaching students vocally on their solo work. Music is the soul of our company, and we have many opportunities for our employees to connect with the artists or songs they love. One way we can win the war for talented, educated workers is to offer more than just good-paying jobs.

I’m a guitarist and pianist, and I enjoy playing these instruments and working with them, but I am worried if the number of job openings in music is low. It’s an apprentice type program – under the direct supervision of a music industry professional working on real-world projects.

To a lesser extent you will find people engaged in other styles of modern music as well as few jobs available in affiliation with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and its attendant classical music scene. David has 25 years’ experience in the music and entertainment industry as a musician, studio engineer, successful studio owner, University lecturer, venue manager and creator of The Depot.

The only ones on the list that I know I can rule out, are performance and music therapy. OK, here we are back in the mid twentieth century and we find that the organ, piano, and choir dominate the church worship music scene. Performing music — solo and with others — is something many people find incredibly fulfilling, regardless of whether they do it professionally.