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Listening to music whilst you work can be very productive as it gets you in the right frame of mind. Tutors are employed by an agency, Templink, and offered work by the Music and Arts Service dependent on service requirements. I just need advice on what steps can I can take to become a music therapist, theory teacher, or band director. For many renowned music producers, recording bands have been the first step towards becoming a seasoned musician in future.

Speak to your local MP about your passion for music education, invite them to a school concert or encourage your school to sign up to Music: Count Us In , then invite your MP to Celebration Day! The second best reason to volunteer at a music festival is the volunteer hours.

Musicology/Matters is a group blog devoted to talking about music (and talking about talking about music). Some of the larger events include Bonnaroo, Coachella, and the Glastonbury Music Festival. By facilitate I’m referring to the process of helping others find, and/or negotiate the use of, music and talent in any revenue generating capacity e.g. (licensing/performance/recording, etc.).music jobs

We also suggest you think about how the transferable skills you gained as a music major degree can be used in a different field. I’m also really interested in the newer idea of music therapy for animals, although I know that’s more of an on the side research type thing.

We’ve linked several of the careers in music below to articles on , to give you a better sense of what people are really up to in these fields. The Hall presents a wonderful opportunity to build a diverse Music & Arts Centre; comprising a traditional concert hall, a smaller intimate hall and an inspiring newly built foyer.