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Image Comics’ The Redcoat a Satisfying Complicated Hero

Comic book fans can’t get enough of villains, especially the well-crafted ones. The best neer-do-wells in stories have depth and a touch of humanity. Take that evil dude and redeem him so that he becomes a superhero, and you have a character readers fall in love with.

It’s comforting to read about bad guys turning good. Readers love to hear it when evil is defeated. While it doesn’t always happen in real life, it’s a must in fiction, and reading stories with complex villains helps you understand global dissent. You gain comprehension as to why evil leaders are the maniacs they are. You also learn to cope with the crises and bullies found in your own life.

Comic Books and Escapism

Comic books are more popular with adults because reading a good story provides escapism and hope grownups often need. Such is the case with the Geiger Universe, a series of comics written by Geoff Johns.

Tariq Geiger is a devoted husband and father who sacrifices his own safety for the sake of protecting his family. After being exposed to massive radiation he develops superhero strength and defeats bad guys and encounters some interesting characters including The Redcoat.

Now that the Geiger series is completed, The Redcoat is a superhero who’s about to have his own series.

The Redcoat and the Perfect Villain Turned Good Guy

There’s nothing readers love more than a former villain now redeemed who starts fighting on the side of justice. While there haven’t been many details released about The Redcoat, his role in the Geiger comics reveals him as a former British assassin who fought in the American Revolutionary War.

He mysteriously becomes immortal, and he then goes on to fight in other wars including the Unknown War which results in the devastation of planet Earth. What few survivors remain now hide underground to avoid deadly radiation levels. As a member of the Unnamed, The Redcoat will continue battling the Great Evil and also likely continue demonstrating the complexities and depth every good villain and hero possesses.

With the release of The Redcoat, readers are bound to uncover many secrets of this newest superhero battling the Great Evil. As The Redcoat’s vulnerabilities and strengths are slowly revealed, fans of the comic genre will doubtless love The Redcoat just as much as they did Tariq Geiger. The Redcoat is a story of redemption that comic readers will love.