How Your Wardrobe Could Be An Investment

Many people covet expensive jewellery and designer clothes and handbags – however, few know that could be an amazing investment. If you take good care of your antique jewellery and designer items, they could make a great return on investment later along the line. Jewellery and some designer clothes often appreciate in value, unlike other expensive luxury items. For example, some vintage Chanel handbags are now worth double what they were in the past. Antique jewellery from certain periods of history can appreciate in value massively. Here are all of the best ways that you can make your wardrobe an investment opportunity.

Look For Rare Vintage Finds

Rare vintage designer clothing can make a lot of money upon reselling. This is especially true for vintage faux fur coats and occasion wear – many people pay a lot of money for rare vintage designer clothes. There are many online second-hand stores that sell vintage designer items. Make sure that you’re always scouring for the best deal. Trying to find rare antique jewellery from certain time periods, such as an Edwardian ring, could also be one of the best ways to turn your wardrobe into an investment.

Focus On Quality

One reason why vintage designer clothing can appreciate in value is the fact that it is more well made than clothes today. In the past, clothes were bespoke and often made tailored to one person. Clothes were comparatively more expensive, and they were made with better materials. In the world of fast fashion, clothes are now made more cheaply, with cheap materials. Before buying a piece of designer clothing, look at the quality of it. If there is too much wear and tear to be able to repair, you may not get a good return on investment.

Always Ask For Authentication

When buying vintage jewellery, you should always ask for authentication. This is one of the best ways that you can verify how valuable the jewellery that you end up purchasing is. Jewellery that has authentication information including purchase history, time of production, jewel and metal authentication and any other valuable information can bring more money on reselling. Many people buy antique jewellery because of how valuable it is, and having authentication papers can make it easier to sell, and can bring a higher price. Before buying a piece of jewellery, always ask for authentication. This can stop you from accidentally buying fake jewellery.

Consult The Experts

When it comes to buying designer jewellery or clothes, it’s always important to ask people who are experts in antique and designer clothing. If you’re perusing antique shops and pawn shops, always ask the person behind the counter. This is one of the best ways to get an idea of how much the item may be worth. Looking in areas that are renowned for their jewellery quarters is also a good place to find perfect jewellery pieces – for example, Hatton Garden engagement rings are famous around the world for the expert vintage establishments around the area. Visiting these areas and looking for the best jewellery for you is one of the best ways to find perfect pieces that could end up being an amazing investment.