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How To Play Bass Guitar

In this bass guitar lesson you will learn to play a melody with the help of bass tablature. Three days we were out there with guide Jay Greishaw of We started each morning around 6:30-7:00 AM and finished up about 3 PM. In that stretch of time my Dad and I hooked, landed and lost more quality bass then we ever have in our entire fishing career.

Every Rockschool Bass grade has been designed to give you a solid understanding of musical theory, enabling you to confidently articulate your musical talents. Bass guitars are traditionally made of different varieties of wood and feature a solid, hard-bodied design.

Once you uncover a pattern and it seems repeatable on a few points, then you can run from point to point to point, and repeatedly present the LV-500 the same way each time – and pull a good bass or two off each point. KEVIN: I use a lot of #1 and even 1/0 trebles on bigger baits, especially now that the Bassmaster Elite stops at big fish waters like Amistad and Falcon, or in California, I rely on a lot of these bigger hooks.

However, the paramount change that transformed the music industry forever was the birth of the electric guitar. It would be interesting to learn more about how this guitar came about and what happened to the instrument. It is also available as part of the Electric G-4 Bass Guitar & Amp Pack, which includes a practice 15-watt bass amplifier, a guitar lead, spare strings, a pick and a strap – everything needed to start playing right away.

There could be a number of people who could be annoyed that the list does not include the legends of bass guitar like Beatles, Eagles, Dire Straits, Black Sabbath, Taylor Swift, Guns N Roses, Eric Clapton, Metallica and many more wonderful, talented and gifted legends who had made the bass guitar a magical instrument.