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How Music Can Help You Transition Cultures

Many local businesses believe that Twitter and other social media networking sites are for online businesses only. Fronted by visionary leader┬áMax Loignon, the group brings something you don’t always hear on the radio: actually good music. One of my smaller articles for the non-linear project will be based off of my blog post on the 8×10, and how it is a cornerstone for local bands and musicians in the Baltimore area.

To get the best value, you should try to find a local store that carries a model similar to what you plan to buy online, so that you can take the instrument for a test drive before making a purchase. Music, of course, can also lead to dance – whether you watch others such as a local cultural event, or whether you go to a dance club or bar – again music can create some enjoyment and activity for you.

If your looking for some more local music to go to this weekend there are also a couple more shows besides Enemy Planes going on this weekend. Music listening stations will be available to sample songs from all bands featured at the festival. Other instruments include the requinta , a kind of fife , as well as harps , fiddles , rebec and zanfona ( hurdy-gurdy ). The music itself runs the gamut from uptempo muinieras to stately marches.

If you hear a song several times you love, and cannot figure out the artist, then hopefully you’ll hear it one day in a local bar, cafe, etc – ask the waiter/waitress if they know the name. This picture was recently released on the bands website among other studio pictures of the band in the studio here in town.

One of the places you can find all types of music and artists is at Brigham Young University Idaho. He is incredibly knowledgeable about guitars, and music in general, and is fascinating to talk to. I would trust him with any guitar issue; he is a master craftsman.