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Hotel Five in Seattle Washington for Celebrating Bachelor Party

Seattle is undoubtedly one of the most prominent bachelor party venues. It’s not only about the city attractions but also as Seattle is home to various hotels which perfect for parties including bachelor party. Hotel Five is a funky hotel which could be on the top list if you’re going to hold your bachelor party in Seattle. Here are the reasons why you should take hotel five in Seattle bachelor party packages for the best experience.

Outdoor Pool

First of all, the hotel Five has its own outdoor Pool which can be used for your pool party. It’s not a secret that pool party always works but here in Hotel Five, you can treat it as a part of the whole bachelor party. Have hot strippers accompany you at this pool what you guys are celebrating your bachelor party. The girls are going to be hot in a nice cool swimming pool to dip into with their bikinis on. You can have these gorgeous lady’s cabana massaging your shoulders and ultimately just providing you a nice time. You can take water games and sports or see if you can hold a full party with foods. There are many other ideas of a bachelor party in the pool, choose the one which suits you well.

Exotic Foods

Bachelor party won’t go well with good foods. The good news is that Hotel Five serves exotic tastes of Indian and Thai menus for your bachelor party in their cafe bar. Take the bottled beverages there and get the best bachelor dining ever. Give challenges to your friends for spicy foods.


If you’re going to hold a bachelor party in Seattle, then you should stay for a while and Hotel Five is the best place to stay if you want a prolonged bachelor party, let’s say 2-3 days. Hotel Five has great rooms with living rooms, complementaries, and amenities. If you take 15-20 people along with you, you can book 4-6 rooms in Hotel Five.

Cots and Play Area

In other hands, Hotel Five also has cots and play area which can be booked in advance for your bachelor party. It would be perfect for a more private bachelor party or as if you have a more specific idea on your bachelor party, you can organize some events here. Contact the manager to help you with arranging a special event for your bachelor party.


You can take last day of your bachelor party to enjoy the urban sights nearby Hotel Five. The hotel is actually located at the centers of trade fairs and conventions. This way, you can have a more complete bachelor party by taking hotel five in Seattle bachelor party packages with no doubts.