Eric Painter Discusses Music: An Art That Can Bring Us Together

Eric Painter has long been a huge proponent for music and a skilled performer in his own right. Recently, he’s been using music to bridge emotional gaps between people in his life, helping them better understand their differences and bringing them closer together. This art form is one of the most important ways of handling the difficulties that impact our lives as people.

Eric Painter of Texas Examines the Beauty of Music

Everybody has music that they love and which makes them feel better about life. Eric Painter of Texas is the same. However, he’s also noticed how well music seems to bring people together. Just think of hundreds of fans coming together to watch their favorite musicians at massive concerts. This behavior is a type of group behavior that unites everyone involved and makes them happier as people.

Just as importantly, performing music can be a powerful way to feel closer to others. For example, one study found that playing music not only released higher levels of endorphin chemicals in the brain but made those who played feel closer together. In a way, it made them feel like family and could help people who didn’t otherwise have much in common enjoy each other’s company together.

Eric Painter understands this emotion well after playing with many people over the years. However, he didn’t realize that this connection could even affect people who sang together in large choirs. He found out this fact when reading a recent study that found people singing in any choir experienced the same release of endorphin chemicals and positive emotions. The larger the chorus, the better the release.

These unique facts make music something that can genuinely bridge the problematic gaps between us as people. For example, people with differing political opinions or religious ideas may find themselves bonding about their favorite bands or feeling connected when they perform. Even listening to the same songs on the radio is like a community ritual: it’s like sitting around a campfire and singing songs together.

As a result, Eric Painter encourages people who are struggling to connect to sit down and experience music together as people. Even quietly listening to your favorite songs together can bridge personal gaps and create a stronger connection. But, just as importantly, it can produce a better unique understanding for many. For example, detailed and emotional lyrics might make it easier for you to process your emotions and move on from painful experiences.