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It is difficult to pinpoint what Asian music is because this musical genre is so diverse in nature. If we expect urban Califorians to value California’s natural environment, we need to preserve places like the flower fields of Antelope Valley so that people can see experience the beauty of nature for themselves. I still really enjoyed everything else that we learned about but birds were clearly the highest priority.

However, there are some links between music and the ‘real world’ in his account of the value of the musical experience. Nature does not distinguish between what is art and what is material, as all are merely patterns of structure in space and time. Alex Ross has been contributing to The New Yorker since 1993, and he became the magazine’s music critic in 1996.

You may also want to listen to music when you are in a noisy environment, such as an office, where other people are chatting, making phone calls etc. The music of Afghanistan tends to very similar to what one might find in other dominantly Muslim countries.

If I were to write in a well-informed, detailed matter about the nature of Indian Classical Music in Banaras I would need at least one lifetime of extremely devoted study and practice. Sounds of nature are great for grounding an individual and connecting them with the earthly plane.

Still, music should be there only for the background and it means that it should not be catchy. Because of the internet, we are able to explore any era or kind of music at any time. Of all the music out there right now, Eagles of Death Metal and Queens of the Stone Age are some of the best.