Why Fidgets Make Great Promotional Gifts

Fidget spinners, sometimes just called “Fidgets,” are all the rage in 2017. Invented nearly three decades ago, they only recently became a trend in schools and conference rooms across America after an article in Forbes magazine described them as the “must-have” office toy of the year. To capitalize on this trend, many companies have begun using fidget spinners as promotional gifts, and they’re finding that the toys are well received. The following are some of the reasons why fidget spinners make great promotional gifts.

Stress Relief

When an individual holds a fidget toy and spins it, the toy provides a gratifying tactile sensation that can relieve stress and anxiety. Doing something with their hands can also help people focus better on tasks, and the gadgets have been promoted as aids for people with attention deficit disorder and autism. By providing an outlet for excess energy, a fidget toy can help children sit still in class and help employees stay focused during long meetings or work sessions.


The toys are very appealing, and most people who see them or try them out want to have one. People who already have a spinner toy are happy to take a second one to keep in another location or give to a loved one. As promotional gifts, these items will get a lot of use and have a lot of visibility. Friends and family members are likely to share them with each other, giving the toys further exposure.

Custom Designs

Fidget spinners are available in bright, colorful customizable designs, and they are usually custom-printed with a business’s logo and any other information desired. They eye-catching design of a fidget toy will draw attention to a name or brand. In addition, the spinners can be made with different spin speeds and noise levels. Most retailers offer a wide selection and many options for customization.

Fidget toys are appealing to people of all ages and walks of life. Their low cost and small size make them easily accessible, and the customers who buy them report a great return on investment. Business owners who purchase promotional gifts want to spend their money on items that recipients will actually want to use, and fidget spinners are one of the best options on the market these days.