The Key

Bakersfield has garnered attention over the past year by taking over a good piece of online territory with positive-spun articles on art, music and theatre. Look in the yellow pages, look on-line, ask the knowledgeable music professionals listed above. I’m most excited about seeing The Bright Light Social Hour, a local band that recently won band of the year at the Austin Music Awards. My slideshow will take a closer look at his upbringing with music and how he got into teaching the drums for a living.local music

The newest on the music scene has been a few shows over the last couple weekends. A quick thank you for the stacks and stacks of local music CDs I have received since I put the call out for donations. Whether in a dark club or a sunny park, musicians and fans alike will sit back and enjoy the show.

Juggernaut has been playing in the area for over ten years now and was most recently a resident DJ at the Vault bar alongside other local performers. This production company is hopefully Utah’s new way to enter the nationwide music scene through local means.local music

Just down the street, the legendary Horseshoe Tavern (370 Queen Street West) is one of Toronto’s most celebrated performance venues. These local music stores make a lot more money off guitars than flutes, so they will not be losing as much profit as it seams.

It comes complete with an oxygen bar – unlike other venues in this tobacco-friendly town, there is no smoking here. Blue Sky Falling is a 5 piece rock band from Point Pleasant WV. Come see a show or buy a CD and you will understand the big hooks and excitement their music has to offer!!local music