The Day The Music Burns

No matter the stellar quality of your home stereo set-up, nothing beats the blissful assault of your senses by a live band laying it on the line for a chance to be big someday. You can play this music whenever you feel a bit homesick to help you remember that you haven’t lost your connection to home. She’ll be singing and playing her ukulele at semi-recently opened Vieux CarrĂ©, a speakeasy-style club in St. Paul, which should fit her brand of music very nicely.

Available now on iTunes for $11.99 It’s an great mix of music in tribute to the late Jason Molina. Our music scene has a reputation as being southern California’s premier locale to find stellar classical talent. Winter music festivals are basically unheard of when compared to the massive acts that dominate the summer season in North America and Europe.

For those who want to catch the next big thing, the local paper the Santa Barbara Independent regularly asks readers to name their favorite local bands, including everything from 2 Faced to Zach Madden in 31 different genres from acoustic to world. Case in point: The Hamilton Music Awards recently presented four awards to a guy named Jeremy Fisher.

Take each and every CD you produce to independent record stores and any other place that will take them. The music scene also lives on down the street at Hyperlink Café, a business interested in fostering creativity and community through smart entrepreneurship.local musiclocal musiclocal music

Sometimes excellent musicians just run out of time for practicing, and sell their high end instruments to aspiring learners for a fair price. I do not want to see local music stores get shut down, but when buying an instrument, they usually mark up the price by at least 200%.