A simple blog about the up and coming music scene in the Hampton Roads area. It could also attract new people to new haven from different towns, the same way that my other project, (more of a daytime operation than the night life / local scene project) seeks to represent. The music she covers is pretty eclectic and she has a fairly strong Facebook and Twitter following.

In fact, many people flock from all over the country to book a vacation rental so that they can catch their favorite artist or group in performance at an intimate local venue. Quick heads up to anyone on campus often; the Ramskeller , which is the on campus bar, hosts a variety of local acts throughout the semester.

In addition to the arts and the agricultural exhibits of the area this fair also boasts a Native American Village, African American Pavilion, and the Villa Hispana, where each shows off the best and most unique elements of local music and art. You might just discover a new music genre or band that you never knew you loved!local music

Twice The City Pages has included videos shot in the basement of this house for their top 10 must see Minnesota music videos for the week. Sometimes radios are the first ones to have access to some tracks, even before music stores get them. The focus of this blog/podcast (let me shorten this even more and in the same vein as the creation of the term podcast, and from now on call this a blogcast) is music and in particular, the music of San Antonio and the surrounding area.local musiclocal music

There is much local debate about its demise – whether it was the fault of city bureaucracy or private mismanagement. The owners of the club do a great a job of seeing what Baltimore local bands have to offer, and they give everybody a chance to show their passion for music.