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Ambient nature sounds have the ability to aid sleep, reduce stress, and provide a relaxing atmosphere for activities such as yoga, tai-chi, and meditation. Whenever it is suggested that music might arouse or incite violence—Eminem’s graphic fantasies of abuse and murder, or, more recently, the whiff of rape culture in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines”—fans suddenly devalue music’s potency, portraying it as a vehicle for harmless play that cannot propel bodies into action.nature music

Altered states and increased awareness through directed intentional movement can free us from limiting patterns of behaviour and if practiced regularly can create new physical connections in our neurology thus altering our perception of the world who we are and how we fit in.nature music

In this parent-child music and nature immersion camp held on the beautiful grounds of the East End Arts School in Riverhead, we sing, dance, move, play instruments, engage in imaginative storytelling, do nature crafts, and play musical games about and inspired by nature.nature music

I first started thinking about the capacity of Music to be evil when I was in Udaipur, Rajastan going to performances and concerts for tourists with my friend, because there was just about nothing else to do. What it amounts to is the use of music for ends that are evil and/or not doing Music, in and of itself, justice.

Prior work showed that pain and induced sadness reduce μ-opioid transmission as reflected by an increase in μ-opioid receptor availability in vivo in an induced sadness condition (participants recalled a tragic autobiographical event) compared to a neutral mood condition 54 , 55 However, sadness evoked by music is different from sadness induced by pain or by recalling a tragic event.