Protecting Your Band Name Or Singer Name With Trademark Or Service Mark

SiriusXM Music for Business features both a satellite and internet solution with over 70 music channels spanning all genres of musical interest and taste. Ideally you’re paid on a recurring basis (such as once annually), and are receiving more money each year for the right to use your music in the ad. If you give rights forever (perpetuity), then you’re getting paid once to use the music in the ad, whether it’s used for 5 minutes or 5 music

Anyone who goes into music as a profession does so because there’s nothing they’d rather do. They’ll tell you that they didn’t pursue a career in music because they were looking to make a lot of money — they did it because they had to. No other career was as compelling.

Under those agreements, they can play their music on their own premises without limitation by the number of speakers or size of building set out above, and otherwise play their own signal, as long at the revenue derived from those broadcasts is included in the revenue on which the ASCAP and BMI fees are paid.

Purchase an eligible commercial-use digital Receiver between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 from an eligible Reseller, activate a SiriusXM Music for Business subscription package by January 28, 2018, maintain 90 days of service, and receive a $70 Rebate per Receiver, by check.

I thought I would go the logical” route and earn a business degree, but only after a week of college (after having been a music major for a couple of semesters), I was struck with an intense longing for my music courses, and have since, signed up for a few in order to keep my sanity XD Right now, I am searching for a music area I might be interested in for a major/ musicbusiness music