New Haven Music Scene

The Denver quartet’s latest record is set for release on the Denver label Greater Than Collective. There have been many other great albums from local underfamous artists like Danger Ron and The Spins,¬†Enemy Planes, Dead Larry, The Jelly Project, The Lone Crows, Turn Back Now, the list goes on and on. But, though many of those are fun to listen and dance to, this one struck me with it’s truly substantive and positive message that has helped to reinforce my own desire to flourish in life.local music

His death shocked the Austin community and a group of family and friends decided to create the SIMS foundation to provide low-cost counseling, psychiatric and addiction recovery service to musicians who needed it. The foundation provided more than 2,300 such sessions in 2007.local music

A: We didn’t want to charge for the demos because, at this stage of the game, we are simply trying to get our name out there, and show people what we can do. We want everyone to be able to listen and share our music without money being a deciding factor.

They differ from town to town, but there is something about the dimly lit room, the over stuffed couches, and the small groups of people sipping their drinks in the back while the music, good or bad, plays out of the usually mediocre speakers, that draws people in. A camaraderie forms in those little venues that doesn’t have to be addressed or acknowledged.

The University of Montevallo Department of Music welcomes middle and high school-aged vocalists, instrumentalists, guitarists, pianists, and aspiring music technologists and composers to the 14th annual Young Musicians’ Camp, Sunday, June 18 through Friday, June 23, 2017.local music