Nature’s Music

This innovative book and online CD, assembled by the editors of the renowned periodical Terra Nova, is the first anthology published on the subject of music and nature. For each pair of segments participants were asked one of two questions: (1) Which sample sounds more precise?” or (2) Which sample do you prefer?” Half of the participants first made their preference judgments for all six pairs before they reheard the same six pairs and were asked which of the two versions sounded more precise.

Parallel to the flourishing of music at the eastern centres of Damascus and Baghdad, another important musical centre developed in Spain, first under the survivors of the Umayyad rulers and later under the Berber Almoravids (rulers of North Africa and Spain in the 11th and 12th centuries) and Almohads, who expanded into Spain after the fall of the Almoravids.

Specifically, he referred to the establishment of equal temperment18 as the tipping point in bringing about the biggest destructive influences of our modern age, since this system by its very nature opposes the natural one and may help detune it, or at least distance us from more natural vibrations.nature musicnature music

It helps us to release stress and tiredness, and makes us relax by just listening on it. Here in our world which is sophisticatedly arising, most people might have encountered or have listened to music or some kinds of it but not really realizing its essence and importance.nature music

Another nurse-led team at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee found that heart attack survivors who listened to restful music in a quiet environment for just 20 minutes were less anxious about their health than those who rested in a quiet room without music.