Nature Music And Music With Nature By Award Winning Artists David & Steve Gordon

The music industry has always been notoriously unpredictable, and the old A&R maxim that the cream always rises to the top is far from a given. In nomadic encampments music emphasized every event in man’s life, embellished social meetings, incited the warriors, encouraged the desert traveler, and exhorted the pilgrims to the black stone of the Kaʿbah (in Mecca), a holy shrine even in pre-Islamic times.

This path of devotion is the one I am taking in life, progressively more and more, and this Watson experience is a serious and constant reminder that however far I want to reach in knowledge, and the capacity to exercise it, is entirely up to me. I was not born into a family in which I had to play music to survive, nor into one in which I had to play for God (perhaps meaning that highest potentiality of consciousness and action to which we may ascribe).nature music

Nature & Music gives evidence of their relationship in various ways that every one could one sees water falling from heights ,he not only loves the scene but also the sound that spawned from falling of water ,when someone stands in open ground in forest surrounded by cloudy environment,he gets excited by the sound of flowing of air ,in the early morning when one get wake up ,he used to pleased with sound of chirping of birds.There are lot more & many more evidences we encounter with daily.nature music

A virtuoso singer and the leading musician at the court of Córdoba, Ziryāb introduced a fifth string to the lute, devised a number of new forms of composition, and developed a variety of new methods of teaching singing in his well-known school of music.

The favourite instrument of Islamic classical music is the ʿūd , a short-necked lute , with a bowl-like wooden body, a backward-slanting pegbox, and usually four to six courses of strings, that resembles the Western lute, which derived from the ʿūd.nature music