Music By Nature

Your Amazon Music account is currently associated with a different marketplace. The upcoming activity sheet for programs and activities within the Rodriguez branch boats story time for infants and toddlers every other Tuesday, a Halloween mystery event held on October 31st, free yoga classes every other Saturday for parents and children, and family empowerment training for parents of children with disabilities beginning November 7th.

From pioneering work in the field of bioacoustics and nature recording to innovative explorations in science and art, Bernie Krause, with Kat Krause and the Wild Sanctuary team, continue to investigate, define, and forward public and academic understanding of the world’s rapidly diminishing ‘sonic symphony’ through their varied, studied, and creative works.nature music

As allowed by the Bhakti sect of Hinduism – in which one seeks personal union with the divine through one’s devotional efforts – Music can be a religion of sorts, the realization of its governing principles guiding those of the musician; in working towards creating high art, one gradually perfects one’s powers of attention, perception of concord and dissonance in the world, emotional sensitivity, memory, patience, grace, priority, and surrender of the ego to that which is truly great.

What is implied by this reflexive interaction is that music is a mirror to life, that vibration always reveals the quality of that behind it; what is more profound is that through one’s intimate connection to music, one’s dedication to making it beautiful, it gives back to us the ability to make ourselves beautiful.nature musicnature music

However, it seems reasonable to ask for more detailed examples since, on the one hand, we surely do feel sad in response to tragedy and, on the other, it is not obvious that we do not feel pity (or imagined pity, or whatever one’s preferred theory of emotional response to fiction posits) in response to tragic music.