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Business and Entrepreneurship programs develop professionals in Music Business Management, Live and Performing Arts Management, Media Management, Film Business Management, Sports Management, Visual Arts Management, Arts Management, Design Management, International Arts Management, Marketing and Advanced Management. But if you plan to teach in a public or private K-12 school or college program, you are likely to need at least a master’s degree (and certification to teach in the state where you reside). The programme includes a variety of topics in performance, composition, musicology and ethnomusicology, as well as options on the music business, music technology, music therapy and community music

Some insiders say that the music industry continues to deliberately and intentionally find alternatives to black music artists to service to white audiences. In most cases, Youtube will not allow them to use traditionally copyrighted music (and so much is), and these content creators risk getting their video deleted, or even worse, getting their account banned.

Also I’ve played in rock bands through the years, which helped develop my ability to learn music by ear. There are also postings for Showcases, Music Industry Internships, Gigs and Engineer Internships. Again, social media doesn’t seem to really get new support but giving away your music for FREE will.

I think the answer to finding these funds is similar to the way a lot of you have probably already tried, with some degree of success. I don’t know if he got a service mark on his band name – but if he had used the name without permission, the U.S. Postal Service could have stopped him from using the name.

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