Lovemusic From Youtube

If love was something tangible, every body would be running to get the biggest share of pure and untainted love. Not necessarily those ethnic ritual compositions but those original compositions formatted through adaptation of Classical music of the west produced by Filipino talents who received their trainings from the clergy during the Spanish colonial period.

A couple of decades ago Mr Sepe paired up with Andrej Rozman – a brilliantly witty lyricist and an actor who contributed the lyrics that describe a nostalgic moment of an ex singer who’s having a glass of juice at a Cafe by the river of music

And the reason why I’ve contacted her was to ask for permission to translate the song and make it public because one of my many motivations for starting this blog was to introduce Slovenian music to every English speaking soul on the face of this planet Earth.

If you were listening in live right to the end then you will have heard the bonus Easter Eggs such as the classic Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Finch and Straight Outta Tipton, as well as some early Waxer productions AND an exclusive first-play of the unreleased studio mix of a track featuring Whirlwind D, ’32 And Tea’.

Insight into our uses of music is however being achieved via music psychology – a rapidly expanding field which draws on research across numerous domains including cognitive neuroscience, social psychology and affective computing (the science of human-computer interaction where the device can detect and respond to its user’s emotions).love musiclove music