Local Music

If you have any questions about the requirements to submit local music to be played by 91.3 WYEP, please email Cindy Howes at [email protected] Most of the times people who listen to radio, prefer it over other music option because it is a more fun experience. Once again, as in the olden days of 2008/9, I am asking for the music community’s help. She was able to transition between songs without creating awkward banter between the musicians and the audience, making the connection between the band and the audience electric.

By finding local bars and coffee shops willing to give up a percentage of their profits, usually. Also local artisans are invited to sell their wares, and many farmers bring prepared foods, such as jams, salsas, and empanadas, using their own ingredients. And, implementing this tip will greatly influence your own local radio stations, whether college, non commercial or commercial, to begin requesting your CD and giving you radio airplay.

Madrid is known for its chotis music, a local variation to the 19th-century schottische dance. We believe this is one more thing that we can do to bring artists in the Columbus music scene the exposure they deserve. Throughout the years as a separated crew Jed Pearson and I have been out recording a lot of different bands at a lot of different events and venues throughout Utah.local music

I also had summer jobs working as a pit musician for a local theater company playing keyboard 2 parts (synthesizers, strings sounds, etc). To accompany the beautiful weather, there are a healthy plenty of events this weekend starting with today. Led by trumpeter/composer Darren Johnston, Broken Shadows brings poetry, interplay, vocal harmonies, and a cross-section of musical interests into a curious new blend of roots/art/dance music.

Instead, she suggests venues in Canada should take a cue from those in Japan or the UK, who have created a live music culture that still allows people to get to bed by 11pm and work the next day. They have always supported the local bands, whether they be heavy metal, punk, alternative or just good old rock.local musiclocal music