Local Music Scenes

This blog will talk about the many great local bands and clubs/venues in the Baltimore area. And it paid off-they totally killed it with their set of old-country music supported by the skilled country blues licks of guitarist Brian Coogan, the rockabilly stylings of Steve Wyse on Bass, last-minute steel guitar/keyboardist (yes…he was playing piano with thumb/finger picks…I saw it myself) Kevin Morris, and the perfection of Caco de la Sotta on the kit.

Please follow THIS LINK for a fantastic interview with the brilliant and talented Rob Arroll who manages to put into perspective the incredible dynamic bands of the era possessed which made this time period historic both on the local and national level.

It benefits the brewery in that there’s a 50% chance that the booklet might be sitting on a bar somewhere with the back page up, and it benefits the local scene because more people will be exposed to the talent and personality (and music and filmwork) of all of the local bands that we presently see.local music

Watch the stunning animated watercolor video for My One & Only” off The String Cheese Incident’s latest studio album. Thanks again and we look forward to supporting the Columbus local music scene along with you! A. If your song is a literal ‘mover and shaker’ on the dance floor the night the deejay introduces it to his crowd, people are not likely willing to wait until record stores open the next day in order to get your music.

UCSB also offers a lot of performances (many of them free) of both local and visiting talent with an international bent. I have listened to her music and realized that her music comes from deep down in her soul. This is what I had scene leading to ’69, those were the best days of my life (name that song?)!local musiclocal music