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E Local 518 Music (and More) Report – 2017 Quarter1, instead of a long blog post I’m pleased to announce that pdf copies will be available for download here on the CRUMBS Local Music Blog, and at Exit 97.7 WEXT’s The Local 518 Show webpage. It’s no secret that I’ve been busy, and I’ve had less time to go out and collect music for the library, so I’m reaching out to musicians, fans, labels to send some local music lovin’ our way. Thank you to Rock The Cause for their desire to support the local music scene and incorporate that into a cause worthy of recognition.

Information about open jam sessions can usually be found at your local music store. This is what we are striving to promote, bring attention to and support for their dedication to their individual style of music. This business is part of a growing movement to foster the cultural economy of the city, acting as café, Internet hub, upscale bar, and gritty music venue.

Those radio stations that will be playing local music must play all the genres because as people we don’t like the same music. Local businesses can benefit tremendously from Twitter use and should take the step into Twitter-land ASAP, if they haven’t already.local music

With the local success of the musical mesh the organization does not currently have plans to take the act out of town, but has toyed with the idea of moving to another venue that might be able to accommodate to a larger crowd. I will use some of the ideas and quotes that I had in my blog post, but I will add more information and details on how the 8×10 is one of the best local clubs for local bands in Baltimore.local music

We are nearly fully booked for the summer for gigs ranging from clubs to festivals. Bands, along with venues, update their pages, Twitter accounts, and other sites to notify fans of events. Camerata Pacifica is a chamber music group that performs monthly concerts of old favorites and new pieces.local music