Learning To Play The Drums

Have you always wanted to play the drums but didn’t know where to begin or where to start? This has been just a quick and brief introduction to getting started on the drums and you can find further drum articles relating to this subject on my website. More recently, many drum kit manufacturers have begun to express their sizes in terms of diameter x depth; still in the measure of inches.

Pemain drum tidak hanya bermain drum dari jenis yang sama tetapi juga dari budaya lain dan seluruh dunia. Finally, if necessary, I’ll enhance the overall brightness of the cymbals/kit with a small 1-2dB boost at around 5k. For compression, I’ll set the ratio at about 3:1, the attack at around 110ms and the release at a slightly quicker 70ms.

Drum manufactures were faced with the task of producing as many drum components from wood as possible. The second biggest factor that affects drum sound is head tension against the shell. You can keep the beat with everything from a xylophone and tambourines to a set of bongos and marimbas, whether new or used, and you’ll even find plenty of vintage (pre-1980) percussion instruments on eBay to fit your every need.drumdrum

The rack mounted tom drums will probably be slightly different in size, with one drum measuring 12 inches and the other 13 inches, while a normal snare drum is around 14 inches. In the past, as drums evolved and drum kits developed, new companies were formed and products were fine-tuned and made better.

That’s because drums are pure, uncomplicated enjoyment; they’re not just about making music, they’re about having fun. Of course, nothing beats (no pun intended) owning your own drum set but don’t feel like you can’t learn without one. On the other hand, perhaps you’ve worked hard to build your abilities and are finally ready to upgrade your kit to something a little more suitable to your skills.drum