Interlinking Of Music With Nature

Our nature video series of beaches with sound recording of waves, refreshing mountain rivers and captivating underwater landscapes can easily set a natural oasis at home and reduce stress with relaxing music, sounds of nature and beautiful scenery. In a study published in the Journal of the American Scientific Reports (Scientific Reports) issued on 28/8, American scientists conducted to observe the brain activity of 21 volunteers while their children are listening to music via the method of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

The Sounds of Kaleidoscope (from Washington D.C.) left everyone’s ears ringing, but it was clear that the tinnitus was worth it. Their sound (obviously not the jungle/jazz/gospel mix proclaimed on their MySpace) is a darker and muddier version of British neo-psychedelic rock of the early ’90s.nature music

Another thing to consider is what you are actually listening to. If you are listening to music that is purely synthesized, meaning the actual sounds you hear are made from electronically produced sound waves, then such music can give you a headache and not be conducive to meditation.

Some of the newest research is playing out in Canada, at musical laboratories such as LIVELab in Hamilton, Ontario, a one-of-a-kind concert hall where scientists are measuring brain waves of musicians and their audiences to determine how music creates undeniable social bonds.

Then again this purist view is short-sighted, for music is a tool we use to relate to ourselves and the world, and our world – in sharp contrast to the nature once known so intimately by the Sami – is one with technology, processing of every sort, and a growing urban setting.nature musicnature music