If You Want To Keep The Local Music Scene Alive, Start Shows Earlier

Last week, the SABC announced that it will start playing 90% local music across all its radio stations, a decision which was welcomed by South African musicians and producers. Last weekend was another great event that showed how talented the Utah music scene is. At The Hogwallow on Friday a local band named Marinade was playing some blues, with a taste of jazz and reggae mixed in. The local scene was represented well as people kept showing up with a short line forming outside the door.local music

To do this, the team from Music SA chose music that reflected the cultural and aesthetic attributes for each region, so the Adelaide Hills’ playlist evoked folky forests and winter-like emotions while the music from the Fleurieu Peninsula featured beachy and upbeat music.

If you try this process without your music already at iTunes, you are going to lose big with digital music sales as well as upset potential music buyers who attempt to buy your music at the site only to discover that it is not there and will not likely return.

So, it’s been a week since the SXSW festival and I’m ready to move on. The great thing about this city is that even when those huge music festivals are over, the city continues to host concerts throughout the year for music lovers, like myself, to go see.local music

If they want to throw down $500, that’s how much we give you, and so that back page ad amount is flexible to the will of the advertiser, but it determines the range of syndication that the local scene publication gets once it goes to print – keeping in mind that the printed copy is really a novelty item – the zine itself is already available as a PDF on the home page.local music