History Of Jazz Harmony

Jazz is known as being one of the only styles of music created in America, though it is a mixture West African and Western music traditions. The resulting recordings by Charlie Byrd and Stan Getz cemented its popularity and led to a worldwide boom with 1963’s Getz/Gilberto , numerous recordings by famous jazz performers such as Ella Fitzgerald ( Ella Abraça Jobim ) and Frank Sinatra ( Francis Albert Sinatra & Antônio Carlos Jobim ) and the entrenchment of the bossa nova style as a lasting influence in world music for several decades and even up to the present.

Free jazz quickly found a foothold in Europe, in part because musicians such as Ayler, Taylor, Steve Lacy and Eric Dolphy spent extended periods there, and European musicians Michael Mantler , John Tchicai et al. traveled to the U.S. to learn it firsthand.

In early New Orleans and Dixieland jazz, performers took turns playing the melody, while others improvised countermelodies By the swing era, big bands were coming to rely more on arranged music: arrangements were either written or learned by ear and memorized, while individual soloists would improvise within these arrangements.jazz

Walau sangat sulit mendefinisikan musik jazz, tapi kunci utama dalam bermain musik jazz atau dalam mendengar permainan musik jazz adalah gaya improvisasi, permainan dari masing masing musisi terasa sekali individu, tapi bisa saling mengisi dan terbentuk harmoni, itulah salah satu ciri yang paling terlihat dalam musik jazz.jazzjazz

Berendt berpendapat, jazz adalah form of art music which originated in the United States through the confrontation of blacks with European music ( adalah sebuah bentuk seni musik orisinal di Amerika yang muncul melalui konfrontasi antara musik orang hitam dan musik gaya Eropah ) Ia juga mengatakan bahwa jazz beda dengan bentuk musik Eropah.