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The Perks of Using the Whizzinator The Whizzinator is an artificial penile device that a user straps around their waist. This device comes with urine storage space. When you want to pretend to be urinating while on the Whizzinator, you squeeze it to let the stored urine flow out. This discussion demonstrates why the Whizzinator is a practical tool and how you can utilize it for maximum advantage. Simplicity The way the Whizzinator is designed lends it to easy strapping around the waist. Every time you want it, wearing it is painless.
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The product is constructed to look like a real body part, making it less strange. You need it to look natural to make it difficult for people to know what’s exactly going on. The great news about the device is that you can pick one from numerous color options to suit your skin complexion. Brown, black, tan, white, and Latino are the key complexion choices you may pick. Selecting a matching color helps get rid of strangeness, allowing you to use it while relaxed. If using it in front of several people, nobody will tell you’re up to something without unusually paying attention to it. Still, when you look at it, it is not common for any person, be it a mate or stranger, to examine your genitals for “originality” while you utilize for peeing in a common restroom. Therefore, what’s important is to raise your head high and coolly deploy your Whizzinator without thinking about the likelihood of attracting any unwarranted attention. The New Valve System A great Whizzinator does not just need look natural for confident wearing, but its urine release system must also be effortless. A tool featuring a valve functionality that calls for only squeezing to let urine out is perfect for this role. You may use the mechanism without fear as it is both noise-free and covert. Artificial Urine Once you add synthetic urine to your Whizzinator, you’re now ready to use it as though it’s a real part of the human body. This urine looks just like natural urine, and thus, it also won’t be easy for people to figure out. Usually, such urine is produced in expert labs. Also, the synthetic urine is okay for utilization, and it does not introduce the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted illness to a user of the Whizzinator. Thanks to the existence of different lab urine products in the market, you’re spoilt for choice. Many Uses Different people buy and use the Whizzinator for different reasons. Some will do it for fun, and others for urine screening. If you like to prank mates, this is also an ideal tool. The Whizzinator is surely a great buy if you need an item that resembles an actual human body part for use faking the act of urinating.