Do South Africans Want More Local Music On Their Radios?

When I first thought of the music scene here, I didn’t think that there’d be much of one at all, or that it would even be very impressive. Asked for some thoughts on the overall experience, vibe and challenges of playing Mardi Gras, Wright returned a stream of consciousness,” one that captures a lot of feelings of musicians who routinely gig during the biggest streetfest on the local concert calendar.

The second is the Boston-based bluegrass band Joy Kills Sorrow They’re at Club Passim tonight touting their second album, Darkness Sure Becomes This City, which was officially released February 23 on Signature Sounds (home to Peter Mulvey, Patty Larkin, Erin McKeown, and Kris Delmhorst).local music

Even during the persecution of the Francisco Franco era (1939-1975), when the Basque language was outlawed, traditional songs and dances were defiantly preserved in secret, and they continue to thrive despite the popularity of commercially marketed pop music.local music

Soon enough, I got a few more of the crowd moving as their restless desire to dance finally overpowered the social awkwardness they felt as everyone else just stood or sat around absorbing the energies of the sun and the music instead of vibrating with it and resonating the energies.

This is a great site to take advantage of because they are pretty serious about submissions and they make it sound like if you are located in one of the regions they cover (like D.C.) they’ll pay some special attention to your music and get it in front of their editors (fingers crossed).local music