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I hear all the time from folks who feel like they have been taken, or ended up with a bad project, or worked with the wrong person. I have been reading all the other comments and it seems like this field is very tough to be in…and I don’t really want to go into music education. If you can’t answer these questions in a direct, specific way, you may not be ready to launch into business just music

I know that music industry is a really competitive industry and nowadays everyone want to make a big profit out of music. Partners: Erasmus+, Tallinna Spordi-ja Noorsooamet, MTÜ Noortebänd, Stage Europe Network, Music Estonia. We’re essentially venture capitalists for music: investing in the great, unknown artists of today so they can become the superstars of music

There are many areas of music to work in beside competitive performance, as this article clearly articulates. In the 70’s, the push toward equality and peace gave birth to a more gregarious and unified music industry. I plan on getting an AA in music at a community college and furthering it at a university.

If scoring for the gaming industry is his goal, then your boyfriend will want to pursue one or more internships with gaming companies in addition to other music industry companies. User generated content — like a lip sync, wedding, or parody video — drives new revenue streams for the music music

No more than six hours toward the major are allowed for RIM 3580, 4000, and RIM 4010. And I am literally going to school because of a lot of excuses I guess you can say, but I want to pursue music for entertainment purposes and business. If you attend a college with a music department, see if you can have a guitar faculty member in the music department evaluate your proficiency on guitar.