Brand New U. S. Network features Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome gets the message across

Great things happen and lives are positively influenced when touched by the preaching and teachings of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Chris Oyakhilome is heard through his television ministry all over the world. He is a native of Nigeria, and President of the Believer’LoveWorld Inc. which is also know as Christ Embassy, based in Nigeria. Chris Oyakhilome is a teacher, a television host, has a healer ministry, and is a true believer in the word of God. He is also a best selling author of the book “Rhapsody of Realities”, which is a daily devotional circulated to millions worldwide. His mission is to bring as many souls to Christ as humanly possible. His goal is to tell about the Power of God and His promise to His people through television ministry. You can hear the Power of God as it is being demonstrated by a man who has dedicated the last thirty years of his life preaching and teaching.

The Center in Nigeria

At the Christ Embassy Center in Nigeria, He has a school for the children who otherwise would not receive a proper education. At the school, children are taught about health, safety and water issues as well as basic learning. The Center is also a place where the elderly can go to find refuge or a safe haven. Pastor Chris Oyakhilmome was one of the first to broadcast his ministry on a 24 hour television network. He broadcasts from the Christ Embassy Center in Nigeria, and he paved the way for other television evangelists in Nigeria, South Africa, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome recently hosted a community spiritual, healing and love event at the Center in Nigeria that was attended by tens of thousands and witnessed, by television broadcast, by more than 3.5 million people.

Chris Oyakhilome, along with an associate, has launched a new cable network in the United States. LoveWorld USA is a cable television network that is based in California. The network is broadcast through Spectrum Cable Network, and will be broadcast over the entire American continent. It can be viewed worldwide over the internet. The broadcast will feature Pastor Chris, his associate, along with various other television evangelists, each bringing something new and different to the millions of people watching. The programming will consist of anointed music from the hosts as well as guest, messages of the love and power of God, and interesting conversations. It will also feature daily news casts, which is not a common platform for a religious broadcasting network. Two very special segments on the broadcast will be “Atmosphere for Miracles” featuring Pastor Oyakhilome, and “This is your day” featuring pastor Benny Hinn. These two powerhouse speakers will bring new dynamics to the religious television broadcast. This television channel and all of its exciting goodness will become an important part of the everyday lives of millions. The cable network is scheduled to launch in July, 2017. No program specifics have been announced as yet, but the good news is that it will be enlightening, present a measure of hope for many and be religious entertainment at its best. Check local time and listings for premiere details, time, date and if available in local area.