Babies And Music

Always have music playing when it is not family time, quiet time, homework time or bedtime. Marcus also identified one important distinction between the two: Music is much more emotional than language.” Some scientists (not Marcus) theorize that music and language evolved from a common musiclanguage” ancestor, with music evolving to tackle emotional meaning and language evolving to handle referential meaning.

We can guess that Munrow would have been thrilled to know that a piece of music performed by the Early Music Consort – The Faerie Round from Anthony Holborne ‘s Pavans, Galliards, Almains and Other Short Aeirs – was included on the Voyager Golden Records , which were sent into space in 1977.

It matters not what kind of music opens you up to delight or makes you back off in whimpering distaste, some kind of ‘music’ is likely to powerfully affect us all, and what pushes your ‘like’ or indeed your ‘dislike’ button is likely to reveal something about your individual psychology as much as it might give clues to your age and from whence you musiclove music

Floydian in its atmosphere, Beatly in its delivery, ‘Note’ featured McCartney’s finest set of lyrics on the album, reminiscent of the chilling images he brought to ‘Eleanor Rigby’ and ‘She’s Leaving Home’, brought further to life by McCulloch’s sterling guitar solo.

At 10pm Arrows of Love enter the stage, and BANG straight into it. No messing around, and no delicate tune to ease the new followers in, just heavy in your face, dirty and filthy noise which is what I love and the people, especially the band themselves want, and music