All That Music! Rock

So when Martin Tucson told me RI was going to do a little 1911380, I jumped at the chance to get one ASAP. The Rock was the first wrestler to win the WWF/E Championship six times, 225 then seven times. Johnson graduated from Miami in 1995, with a Bachelor of General Studies degree in criminology and physiology 34 He joined the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League in 1995.

One of the first true supergroups – The band had an amazing pedigree made-up of former members of veteran progressive rock bands Steve Howe (lead guitarist from Yes), Carl Palmer (drummer from Emerson, Lake & Palmer), John Wetton (vocalist & bassist from King Crimson) and Geoff Downes (keyboardist from the Buggles).

Asia captured a spark and sound that riveted listeners, they became one of the most played acts on a new music media outlet called MTV that premiered on cable channels in 1981 throughout the US and in over 50 million households and for a few brief, shining moments their rock & pop ruled the music world selling over 10 million worldwide.rock

The Rock also holds the record for most Raw shows main evented in one year (38 in 2000), 229 most Smackdown shows main evented in one year (36 in 2000) 230 and tied with Stone Cold Steve Austin (in 2001) 231 for most PPV shows main evented in one year (12 in 2000).rock

It is called RED DOG and is by author Chris Young, apparently his first forage into this genre (at least that I could find.) Now, this is a ‘choose your adventure’ with a difference. Papa Roach brought out a special local guest while performing ‘Born for Greatness’ at this year’s Rock on the Range festival.rock