Acoustic Drum Sets

Kumu drums’ lineup has expanded, and these new pages give you an easy access to further info on the various models we have available. Hand drums and other handheld percussions, like tambourines and shakers, are great for impromptu jam sessions and for kids to learn basic rhythms. You’ll feel like a king when you sit at the throne of a new five-piece drum set from one of the industry’s most popular brands, such as Pearl, Tama, Mapex, and more.

Each type of drum head serves its own musical purpose and has its own unique sound. A characteristic of mainly the 70’s and early 80’s, drummers and studio producers began taking the bottom head off drums in an endeavour to create a bigger sound with greater projection.drum

It’s easier to find the first point of resistance if you use a drum key as opposed to your fingers. A final trick to add punch to the overall drum kit is to send all of the individual tracks to a stereo sub mix and place a limiter like the Waves L1 on that stereo auxiliary track.drum

Tidak perlu ragu tentang kualitas suara yang dihasilkan game drum set tersebut, karena memang berkualitas tinggi dan enak didengar tentunya. Rule of Thumb- The double 45 B/E produces the deeper, more overall resonant sound of the drum. Electronic drum sets provide a great way to practice without rattling the whole house.drum

Another reason why many people might not choose the drums is that a good kit can be fairly expensive, especially if it is bought new. Most electronic drum sets come with some kind of computer that may be used for adjustments. You can order your custom drum kit from a dealer by printing your setup below and taking it to a participating dealer.