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No one can know for sure what awaits the music industry in the near future – especially after witnessing how quickly new technology has changed the traditional music business in just the past five years.  This should be a one stop page for anything someone may need to know about your music and ministry. The music business is very competitive, but if you don’t run the race you have no chance to win. Through agreements with international performing rights organizations, SOCAN issues licences for all music used in public by businesses in Canada, no matter to which society the creators music

My plan is to get my bachelors in music at a University in Arizona, but first I’m going to a community college for 1 or 2 years first to get any transferable credit classes that I can get. Find out how to choose the best blogging platform, set up …

The Origin Of Jazz Music

We’re taking a look at a few of the best practices of how to familiarize yourself with the elements behind improvisation and what they mean for you. And beyond his artistic and technical prowess, Armstrong should be remembered as the first superstar of jazz. The ability to play by ear continues to be the defining factor for many jazz musicians. Harmony was probably the last aspect of European music to be absorbed by blacks.

Mark Levine’s popular book, Jazz Theory, is a good illustration of jazz pedagogists’ very limited understanding of music history. There are many jazz sessions in the city every day: great opportunities for gaining stage experience. With jazz you love to listen to every note, the ups and downs and the emphasis on the notes that make you remember, the season, the day, and what you were doing at the time you heard the son.jazzjazz

Students will …


Music Care is a music therapy App voted as the best application in the treatment of pain. Forget about having to ransack the music CD store to look for your favorite songs and singer. The study showed that performance was worse regardless of what type of music the participants listened to. Subjects such as languages, math and chemistry can be particularly hampered by background music.

CDs, or compact discs, followed cassettes, and held on to be the most popular form of listening to new music releases during the 1990s through the beginning of the 2000s. Instrumental – An instrumental is, in contrast to a song, a musical composition or recording without lyrics or any other sort of vocal music; all of the music is produced by musical

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Cher Makes Us ‘Believe’ Again With Epic Performance At Billboard Music Awards

Gwen Stefani introduced Cher, who kicked things off with a wild performance of her hit song, rocking a skin-toned bodysuit and diamond-encrusted silver beaded strands that gave her a racy, almost nude appearance as she belted out the tune. Céline Dion merayakan hari jadi ke-20 salah satu film terlaris sepanjang masa Titanic” dengan menyanyikan lagu yang menjadi original soundtracknya yang berhasil memenagkan Oscar atau Academy Awards, Grammy Awards serta Golden Globe Awards My Heart Will Go On”.

In the course of less than two decades, Lil Wayne has earned countless awards and nominations through the American Music Awards, BET Awards, BET Hip-Hop Awards, Grammy Awards, several variations of MTV Awards, Ozone Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Vibe Music Awards, and many award

Born on July 24, 1969, in New York City, to Puerto Rican parents Guadalupe Rodríguez, a kindergarten teacher, and David Lopez, a computer specialist, she has appeared in numerous …

Brand New U. S. Network features Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome gets the message across

Great things happen and lives are positively influenced when touched by the preaching and teachings of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Chris Oyakhilome is heard through his television ministry all over the world. He is a native of Nigeria, and President of the Believer’LoveWorld Inc. which is also know as Christ Embassy, based in Nigeria. Chris Oyakhilome is a teacher, a television host, has a healer ministry, and is a true believer in the word of God. He is also a best selling author of the book “Rhapsody of Realities”, which is a daily devotional circulated to millions worldwide. His mission is to bring as many souls to Christ as humanly possible. His goal is to tell about the Power of God and His promise to His people through television ministry. You can hear the Power of God as it is being demonstrated by a …